In Texas, Capital Murder Trial Begins for Nurse Accused of Disturbing Crimes Against Patients

The murder trial of William Davis, the nurse of who allegedly killed four patients in a Texas hospital began this week, according to Fox News.

Davis was employed at Christus Trinity Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler, Tx in 2017 where the murders allegedly occurred. Prosecutors claim the four male victims were recovering from heart surgery when Davis injected air into their arteries, resulting in their deaths.

Smith County District Attorney Jacob Putnam said in his opening statement to the court: “No one expects this is going to happen to them — certainly not in a hospital.”

Adding; “It turns out a hospital is the perfect place for a serial killer to hide.”

John Lafferty, Ronald Clark, Joseph Kalina and Chris Greenway all died of similar stroke-like complications while Davis was the only nurse responsible for their care.

Each victim reportedly reached stable conditions after their heart surgeries, but died a short time later. CT scans showed abnormal arterial spaces in their brains after displaying behavior similar to a stroke, and ultimately dying.

Davis’ defense attorney claims that Davis was the victim of bad luck and although responsible for their care, not the cause of their deaths.

His attorney also stated that strokes often occur to patients in the ICU and do not necessarily mean that they were killed by their nurse.


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