Parents of Marine Who Was Jailed After Demanding Afghanistan Accountability Speak Out, Slam Generals for What They’ve Done to Him

The parents of Lt. Col. Scheller were interviewed by Fox News after their son, who was removed from his military post after asking about accountability for the military leaders responsible for the polarizing withdrawal from Afghanistan, was put into solitary confinement after being accused of violating a gag order, according to

Stu Scheller, Sr. said to Laura Ingraham; “Our son called for accountability. Throughout the hearing today I don’t feel like they accepted accountability. I am extremely disappointed. It’s no coincidence in my opinion that they put a gag order on him and they put him in prison the day before they had to appear in front of senators and tomorrow in front of congressmen.”

Adding that it was “fairly an act of cowardice.”

Lt. Col. Scheller was described as successful Marine who was quickly promoted throughout his career and supported by his superiors, until he spoke out after the withdrawal.

The marine’s father told Ingraham; “But on August 26th, when 13 of our servicemen died at the Kabul airport, something inside of our son snapped. He was angry. He, in principle — he is a very courageous and principled man — but when that happened, he had to go and ask his leaders for accountability,”

When asked what she thought about Gen. Milley being asked about resigning during his testimony in front of Congress, the Lt. Colonel’s mother, Cathy said: “Let me explain why the accountability is so important. During our war in last 20 years we lost around 7,000 troops. We have lost in the last 20 years between 30 up to 100,000 troops from suicide. They need that accountability. They need to know what they did mattered. So many lives can be saved on the back side by being held accountable.”

“And I say take that rank and put it down,” added Mrs. Scheller.

Tony Buzbee, Lt. Col. Scheller’s attorney was interviewed by Tucker Carlson earlier in the week.

Buzbee told Carlson; “When somebody tried to speak out and say: look, we could have done a lot better. We owed these Marines, and sailors, and Army personnel better than that. They not only told them to shut up, but when he didn’t shut up they put him in jail.”

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“People see this for what it is. They see this from the top brass trying to shirk responsibility and when somebody in the chain of command speaks up, they’re silenced – we can do better than that,” added the attorney for Lt. Col. Scheller.

Highlighting the Lt. Colonel’s reputation, Buzbee said; “This is a man who is a 17-year Marine – a Marine Officer – an infantry officer, just like I was – A guy whose conscience required him to speak out and the American military, specifically the US Marine Corps…has put him in jail for that.”

“This will not stand.” he insisted.

Also insisting that there was a double standard for people like his son, Mr. Scheller said to Ingraham; “I challenge the American people: is that okay with you? Is it okay with you that a 17-year infantry officer that put his life on the line to protect you and protect your children, is it okay with you that he is put in jail and is facing a court-martial?”

“The only one being held accountable for this botched situation is my son by the generals,” claimed Mr. Scheller.

Scheller is not allegedly charged with any crimes, but he is in solitary confinement to prevent him from speaking with anyone, particularly the media. He used his phone call to speak with his parents and request for them to get him representation from Tony Buzbee.

Buzbee described the support for Lt. Col. Scheller as “overwhelming” and that despite the difficult situation, he remains positive. It was reported that over $200,000 has been raised in the first few days to pay for the legal fees that he will acquire while he fights for his freedom.

“This is a story that isn’t going away soon. It’s beyond a travesty,” Ingraham promised in closing.


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