Thousands of High School Students Gather Across the Country, Pray in Unison: ‘Humble Yourselves in the Sight of the Lord’

The Western Journal reported on the many high school students participating in prayer at the yearly “See You at the Pole” gathering at their schools.

This is the 21st year that students have chosen to meet at a particular location, usually the flagpole of their respective schools on the fourth Wednesday of September, to pray and have a moment of silence before the day starts.

Each year has a theme and this year’s was pulled from the Book of James in the New Testament.

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.” – James 4:10

About twenty five students reportedly gathered at Croatan High School in Newport, NC, which was covered by local media.

The Carteret County News-Times wrote that freshman Faith Eilertson said; “There is just so much going on in our country and in our leaders. It’s so important that we pray for our country,”

Adding; “The leaders need wisdom because they are facing so many situations.”

Brody Weihrauch reportedly said that he was praying to express gratitude for what the country has provided him. He also said; “I’m praying for the students and the country. I’m praying for our military because of Afghanistan,”

Students at Shelby Valley High School in Pikesville, KY also celebrated the prayer event, according to Mountain News WYMT.

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Sophomore Collier Fuller, was joined by classmates and staff in the ceremony that reportedly doubled last year’s attendance.

“It makes me feel like I have a connection to everybody in this room, or everybody in the circle while I’m praying” Fuller told the news outlet.

In East Texas, 200 students were reported to have shown up to to Tyler Legacy High School in Tyler, TX, according to KLTV-TV.

“I think it really does help our school system and it just helps us as believers just to really put God into our hearts and into our school system.” Lillian, a freshman at Tyler Legacy told the media station.

A senior named Jaren also spoke to KLTV-TV saying; “I would like to say that this very much impacts the school. I want people to understand that we care about each other. We actually are praying for you.”

Students and staff members at many schools posted pictures of this student-led event.

The Killeen Daily Herald reported that Copperas Cove High School in Copperas Cove, TX held their event on the school’s sports fields, even allowing athletes to stop practice to join in the ceremony of prayer and song.

Aleczander Patterson, a senior football player, who helped organize the event told the Herald that; “It makes me feel a lot closer to them, to be honest.”

Adding; “I know a lot of them probably have struggles in their life that probably they need to ask God for … it just means a lot to see them open up like that and show who they are.”

Caleb Newberry was the other organizer and is also a senior football player. Newberry said of the “See You at the Pole’ event; “It meant a lot, just so I could be able to serve God and spread the message of Christ and just be able to build connections with other people.”

Newberry credited his Christian upbringing for helping him remain “in the Word, just to be able to read and to learn, to pray and ask for understanding.”



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