Biden Inadvertently Reveals How He Feels about the American People

Joe Biden inadvertently shared how little he thinks of the American people.

Biden, who has routinely suffered embarrassing mental lapses and gaffes while in office, actually had the audacity to attack the thinking abilities of Americans.

The comment came from Biden as he took the podium at the White House and received questions from reporters.

As Biden pushes to increasing the nation’s debt ceiling for the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending plan, he received an off-topic question about Ethiopian policy.

“Number one, I’m not answering Ethiopia,” Biden responded.

“Let’s stick on the debt so we don’t confuse the American people,” he added.

Social media immediately erupted with responses to Biden.

“We’re not the idiot,” one person wrote back. “You are.”

“He’s the one who’s been in a complete fog for two years,” another person said. “The American people know exactly what’s happening.”

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Watch the clip:

This isn’t the first time Biden has insulted the American people.

Biden criticized the American people by saying they’re stupid if they choose not to receive the vaccine.

“You’re not nearly as smart as I thought you were,” Biden said to those who were unvaccinated in July of 2021.

Biden’s own cognitive decline is regularly on display for the world to see.

For example, Biden once stated that 350 million Americans had already been vaccinated. However, according to the latest census, the entire population of the United States is only 331 million.

Here are more responses to Biden’s remark:

More from Western Journal:

From the tone and manner, Biden wasn’t speaking lightly. He wasn’t making indirect fun of a question that was likely utterly unrelated to the matter at hand. He was patronizingly referring to the country’s great unwashed, the ones outside a news conference full of coiffured and cologned intelligentsia.

Not in front of the children, he might as well have said.

Biden could have palmed it off with any number of responses — “I’m focused on the matter at hand. It’s too important for distractions” would have worked nicely. Instead, he betrayed both an astonishing lack of self-awareness and his own low opinion of the country he ostensibly leads.

Whatever self-image Biden might have of the Walter Mitty-FDR dreams that no doubt occupy his afternoon naps, a large part of the electorate has serious questions about Biden’s own mental capacity, and for obvious reasons…

From a guy who fell up a staircase three times in front of news cameras, forgets the names of prominent world leaders, and can’t even keep track of his own country’s foundational documents, that’s not just arrogance, it’s grossly self-delusional.

Add on his patently inept handling of foreign policy — a disgraceful exit from Afghanistan that will stain this country for generations, kowtowing to China, the only real rival to U.S. power in the world — and it becomes infuriating.

Joe Biden’s off-the-cuff comment made it clear how contemptuous he is of his fellow citizens.