Biden’s Strange Remark on Camera about Michigan’s Lt. Governor Is Raising Eyebrows

Joe Biden delivered one of his most incoherent speeches ever. And that’s saying something.

One remark, in particular, is raising eyebrows.

It’s no surprise that Michigan Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist receives some comments about his height, considering he stands at six feet and eight inches tall.

Here’s a photo of him alongside Biden’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Marcia Fudge:

During his speech, Biden introduced Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist as the man who “covers” Governor Gretchen Whitmer “physically and mentally, and every other way.”

Western Journal’s C. Douglas Golden notes, “It’s never a good idea to say anyone with a Y chromosome ‘covers’ a woman ‘in terms of physically, and mentally, and every other way.'”

Watch the clip:

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Biden himself has faced allegations of sexual harassment and is accused of regularly violating the personal space of women publicly. Take a look:

Here’s another clip from Biden’s incoherent speech in Howell, Michigan:


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