BREAKING: 11 Senate Republicans Break Rank, Vote with Democrats to Increase Debt Ceiling

Eleven Senate Republicans broke ranks and sided with Democrats.

This helped Democrats overcome a filibuster and puts them one step closer to raising the national debt ceiling.

“Their votes allowed the Senate to clear the procedural hurdle and move toward increasing the debt ceiling,” CNN reports.

Here are the Republicans who voted with the Democrats:

1. John Barrasso of Wyoming

2. Roy Blunt of Missouri

3. Susan Collins of Maine

4. John Cornyn of Texas

5. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky

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6. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia

7. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

8. Rob Portman of Ohio

9. Mike Rounds of South Dakota

10. Richard Shelby of Alabama

11 John Thune of South Dakota

More from CNN:

The Senate voted to extend the nation’s debt limit through early December. But the deal proposed by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell put his GOP conference in a bind.

If a default did occur, it could be financially catastrophic, halting paychecks to federal workers, Medicare benefits, military salaries, tax refunds, Social Security checks and payments to federal contractors.

Both parties have made clear that the country must not default and that even coming close to it would likely bring catastrophic economic consequences.

Yet while the deal announced Thursday stands to avert immediate economic disaster, it does not resolve the underlying partisan stalemate over the issue. It merely delays the fight until another day.