Video of Biden Rambling for 37 Straight Seconds Goes Viral, He Apologizes for Repeating Himself, Then Repeats Himself Again

Joe Biden never misses an opportunity to embarrass the U.S. on the world stage.

Arriving in Rome, Italy, Biden arrived late and attempt to laugh it off with the childish excuse that he was “playing with elevators.”

Although he was “kidding,” Biden told Pope Francis that he would have to “buy the drinks next time” if he doesn’t remember to always carry around a symbolic coin that Biden had gifted him.

Biden told His Holiness through a translator, “The tradition is — and I’m only kidding about this — next time I see you, you don’t have it, you have to buy the drinks.”

Leaders from 19 countries and the European Union gathered to discuss economic issues.

Then the moment came when Biden appeared to just fall into pieces.

“Nobody can stop this trainwreck,” Western Journal comments.

Watch the clip:

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In a painful 37-second clip, Biden said, “And finally, as you keep hearing me say — and I apologize — building out our climate infrastructure can and should help drive a sustainable economic recovery.”

“From the first meeting we had, I kept — I know I’m — I apologize for the repetition — but I look at climate and dealing with climate change, and I see jobs,” Biden said.

“Good jobs, economic development and movement. That’s what I see,” the president added.

“And finally, you keep hearing me say it,” Biden reiterated.

“But building out the climate infrastructure should drive sustainable economic recovery,” Biden said while checking his notes.

More from Western Journal:

Biden was clearly lost and unable to pick up the thread of what he was saying as he kept returning to the same line, which unfortunately for him ironically included apologies for repeating himself.

It’s not just this momentary lapse that’s problematic. After all, old age eventually comes for us all and it is wrong to shame a man because of the natural process that slowly and painfully robs us of our youth, vigor and mental acuity.

However, this elderly man who is noticeably on the decline is the one in charge of the nuclear launch codes for the greatest superpower in the world.

He’s tasked with negotiating with world leaders, defusing conflicts abroad and making snap decisions in any given crisis that could come across his desk as president.

It’s not that we expect him to be superhuman, but he should at least be able to hold himself together at a few meetings of world leaders.

Back when former President George W. Bush was in office, many on the left were utterly ashamed of him because of his lack of finesse and oratory skills and had no trouble declaring it publicly.



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