Fox News’ Jesse Watters Makes Major Prediction About Joe Biden

Fox News host Jesse Watters didn’t hold back on Saturday’s airing of “Watters’ World,” calling Joe Biden a “horrible president.”

Watters noted Biden’s failed promises and very low approval ratings.

“I’m sick of beating around the bush,” Watters began. “Time to call a spade a spade.”

“Joe Biden is a horrible president. I’ve seen enough,” he continued.

Watters predicts that Biden is “on pace to be one of the worst of all time.”

“Most of the country thinks he’s incompetent, Democrats don’t want him to run again; everyone’s disappointed,” he said.

“We didn’t think it would be this bad this fast. Everything – and I mean everything – he says he’s going to do, he doesn’t do. And everything he says is true, isn’t true.”

Watch the clip:

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Watters said, “Our media won’t talk about a lot of what we just talked about here tonight. The Biden protection plan is killing the media.”

“CNN’s media show, ‘Reliable Sources,’ is being beaten by reruns of ‘Martin.’ Not new episodes of ‘Martin.’ Reruns. The people would rather watch reruns of “Martin” than watch the press carry Joe’s water.”

In conclusion, Watters said, “And they’d better lift harder because Biden’s underwater everywhere. He’s at 38% approval in the latest poll – and that’s with the media propping him up. Imagine if they treated Biden like Trump, and Trump had slept through and stunk up his UK trip, [and] then sent the feds to raid the home of a CNN reporter because Ivanka’s diary was missing, and everybody was still dying from COVID, and Don Jr. was under investigation for tax fraud and gas was twice as pricey. If it were that bad for my guy, I’d be watching reruns of “Martin,” too.”