BREAKING: Beto Announces His Plans for the Future, Says He’s Taking on Greg Abbott in Texas Gubernatorial Race

The radically anti-gun Democrat and former Texas Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke announced his plans for the future.

Following months of speculation about his plans, O’Rourke says he’s running for Texas governor.

“I’m running for governor and I want to tell you why,” O’Rourke announced.

He claims that Republicans are focused on “extremist policies” like abortion and permitless gun carry.

“Together we can get back to being big again,” he said.

Abbott’s campaign responded by saying Texas is better off without O’Rourke running the state.

Beto would simply bring Joe Biden’s “radical liberal agenda” to the state, the Abbott campaign argues.

Spokesperson Mark Miner for the Abbott campaign said, “The contrast for the direction of Texas couldn’t be clearer.”

Watch the statement:

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More from Townhall:

The first issue [Beto] addressed in the message was the grid failure that happened in February 2021 after severe winter storms in the area.

Those who suffered power loss, pipe freezes, and frigid temperatures were “abandoned by those who are elected to serve and look out for them,” O’Rourke argued, adding that they have “stopped listening to … and trusting the people of Texas, so they’re not focused on the things we really want them to do”…

Voters will likely reject Beto 3.0, the Republican Governors Association said, highlighting some of his past positions:

Confiscate firearms through a mandated buyback of yet to be defined “assault weapons,”

Tear down physical barriers along the southern border (illegal crossings last year were the highest ever recorded),
Revoke the tax-exempt status of any church or religious group that does not support same-sex marriage,

Eliminate over one million jobs and increase energy prices by 900% throughout Texas with the Green New Deal, and
Close 11-30 rural hospitals in Texas by enacting a “public option.”

“Texas voters have already rejected Beto O’Rourke for statewide office, and they’ll do so again now that they know just how radical he really is,” said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez.