What Is Going on Here? The Internet Notices Something Bizarre on Biden’s Table as He Signs Bill

During a signing ceremony, Joe Biden sat down to put his $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill into law.

People noticed something strange on his table. For some reason, the presidential seal on his table was blurred.

Was it just a glitch?

Although conspiracy theorists have run wild with explanations, it turns out there is a reasonable explanation related to federal law.

Both Kamala Harris and the Democrats posted the video to Twitter with the blurred seal.


The seal was also blurred last week during Biden’s comments on “infrastructure week.”


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Again on November 16th, a video posted by the Democrats blurs the presidential seal:

Why is the presidential seal blurred?

“Because he’s not the real president,” one person commented on Twitter. “Totally fraudulent election. The truth will come out!”

There is a reason behind photoshopping the seal. According to Federal law, the seal cannot be used for any type of advertisement, such as campaigning.

Harris and others shared the video from their personal Twitter accounts, rather than official government accounts.

Thus, the seal was blurred to avoid breaking federal law.

Western Journal speculates, “Something’s going on here. Whatever it is, it’s not a good look for the Biden administration.”

“Whether it’s the Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco, Biden characterizing Kyle Rittenhouse as a white supremacist to score political points, or the absurd handling of the border crisis, the administration has been plagued by bad optics from the start.”

“Maybe we’re getting what we deserve for not standing up to all the nonsense a lot earlier.”


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