The Airplane Democrats Put in Their Video Bragging about Infrastructure Deal Is Raising Eyebrows

Joe Biden and the Democrats have signed their $1 trillion infrastructure bill into law.

A video from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is turning heads.

As Democrat policy director Molly Carey narrates the video, a Russian Aeroloft plane is shown as part of the footage.

The plane appears in the background around the 2-minute mark.

National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Mike Berg criticized Democrats for including the footage of the Russian plane.

Berg joked that Adam Schiff, who deeply believed in the Russian hoax against President Donald Trump, should investigate why the video editor included it.

“The DCCC’s use of a Russian plane in their video is bizarre,” Berg said, according to Fox News.


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“[The bill] means getting Americans back to work with good-paying union jobs. It means economic opportunity for many, and real progress towards environmental justice,” Carey says in the video.

As footage of the plane appears, she says, “And it means less traffic on your way to work; safer and more reliable subway, bus and train rides; better airport experiences; expanded and cheaper internet plans; and clean drinking water.”

More from Western Journal:

There’s a solid chance that somebody at the DCCC got shouted at for the decision, because this clip should have never made national news.

Although the tweet has not gone viral, it’s certainly worth some attention from conservatives.

The Democrats were obsessed with Russia during the Trump administration, so you would think that they might be more careful when it comes to including a jet from the country’s largest airline in one of their own videos.

Any reasonable person understands that this was likely an honest mistake by the person creating the video, but Democrats consistently create impossible standards for everyone else, so they should be held to them as well.


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