Caught on Video: Man Killed During Argument Over Child Custody, Lawyer Says it was Self-Defense

A graphic video in Lubbock, Texas captures the moment that a man was shot and killed while arguing with his ex-wife over their child custody arrangement.

Cellphone video footage shows Chad Read during a confrontation with another man identified as Kyle Carruth.

While Chad and Christina were having an argument, it appears as though Carruth confronts Read.

It appears that Read is possibly standing on Carruth’s property where he lives and works.

The confrontation occurs in front of the home. Carruth is seen going into the home and then returning armed.

The video of the deadly confrontation has gone viral.


Warning: The following footage is graphic and may not be appropriate for all readers.

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More videos have surfaced showing different angles:

From Fox News:

Jennifer Read has filed a petition seeking to take custody of Chad Read’s children from their mother, Christina Read.

She has also filed suit against Kyle Carruth and Vitruvian Development LLC for her husband’s shooting death, according to KCBD. She is seeking $50M in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Jennifer Read claims Carruth failed to de-escalate the confrontation and used a gun even though no physical threat to life or property existed. The lawsuit states she and Chad Read went to his ex-wife’s place of business trying to find Chad’s youngest son.

The suit claims Carruth “interjected himself” into an argument Chad and Christina were having, as Chad was trying to find where his son was. The suit claims Christina continued to violate their custodial arrangement.

Last week, Jennifer Read released mobile phone video that shows the argument, Carruth going into the home and then returning armed. The video of the deadly confrontation has gone viral.

“The decision to take this step has not been easy, and she respectfully declines any requests for interviews at this time,” a press release from Harris reads. “There has been a lot of speculation in the media, and on social media, regarding the events of Nov. 5, 2021.”