Obama and Fauci Sink to New Low, Visit Elementary School to Urge Kids to Get Vaccinated

Former President Barack Obama and Dr. Anthony Fauci teamed up to surprise children at an elementary school in Washington, DC.

The point of the trip was to urge them to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

At Kimball Elementary School, children were getting vaccinated in the gym.

They even brought the mascot for the Washington Nationals baseball team to cheer on children to get vaccinated. The mascot is called The Teddy Roosevelt.

While wearing his mask, Obama spoke to the children. Dr. Fauci stood next to Obama and waited to speak next.

Joe Biden has been urging parents to allow children over 5 years old to get the vaccine shot injection in their arm.

Biden promises the vaccine is safe for children.

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“If you are not vaccinated, now is the time to get vaccinated and take your children to be vaccinated,” Biden told parents.

“Every child age five or older can get safe, effective vaccines now.”

According to the CDC, children face a lower risk of coronavirus infections and transmission rates compared to adults.

Despite Dr. Fauci’s history of hypocrisy and flip-flops, Fauci has claimed that any criticism of him is a direct criticism of science.