Social Media Notices One Massive Mistake About the Biden’s Stockings Display at the White House

Users on social media noticed something unusual about the Bidens’ 2021 White House Christmas decorations.

Over the fireplace, stockings were meant to represent the Bidens’ grandchildren.

According to Daily Mail reporter Emily Goodin, each stocking displayed the name of a different grandchild.

However, with only six stockings hung above the fireplace, it appears the Bidens forgot about one grandchild.

Joe and Jill Biden have seven grandchildren.

The Bidens’ mistake is “humiliating,” Western Journal comments, adding that “nothing says Christmas like leaving out a family member.”

Folks immediately noticed the mistake:

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More from Western Journal:

According to Marie Claire, Biden has three granddaughters from his son Hunter: Naomi, Finnegan and Maisy.

He has two more grandchildren from his late son, Beau: Natalie and Robert, who goes by Hunter after his uncle.

Hunter Biden also had a son in March 2020 with filmmaker Melissa Cohen.

So who is Biden’s seventh grandchild? That would be Hunter Biden’s son with adult entertainer Lunden Alexis Roberts. The boy was born in 2018 and Hunter was proven to be the father in 2020, according to Marie Claire.

So that makes a total of seven grandchildren, one more than the number of stockings on the mantle.

Multiple people pointed out the omission on Twitter, including reporter Amber Athey of The Spectator.