A Tip Led Police to Find Parents of Suspected Shooter Who ‘Appeared to Be Hiding’ With $10,000 Reward on Offer

A tip led Detroit police to the location of the parents of Michigan school shooting suspect Ethan Crumbley.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, the unarmed parents “appeared to be hiding” in the basement of a commercial building at 1111 Bellevue Street.

They gave themselves up to police despite failing to appear for their arraignment on Friday. They were allegedly in hiding for their own safety, reports say.

Police set up a perimeter and did surveillance after the tip came in.

A business owner called 911 after seeing the car and a woman running away from it. The Crumbleys’ car was in the building’s parking lot.

U.S. Marshals offered rewards of up to $10,000 for information leading to their capture.

Detroit Police Chief James E. White told reporters that they are likely to face additional charges.

Another person is under investigation for having let them into the “art studio.”

“They didn’t break in. somebody let them in,” White said. “We don’t know the relationship yet.”

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“That’s active,” White said. That person could face charges.”

The weapon allegedly used by the suspected Michigan high school shooter Ethan Crumbley was a Christmas present from his parents.

Jennifer Crumbley posted an image to social media with the caption, “mom and son day testing out his new Christmas present.”

On Nov. 26, his father purchased the weapon at a local gun shop, according to authorties.

The suspected shooter posted images of the gun on social media with the caption: “Just got my new beauty today [heart emoji] sig sauer 9mm any questions I will answer.”

According to prosecutors, just one day before the attack, the 15-year-old was caught in school searching online for ammunition on his cell phone.

His mother allegedly texted him, “LOL, I’m not mad, you have to learn not to get caught.”

Crumbley allegedly killed four students and injured several others, including a teacher.

His parents, James and Jennifer Crumbley, have been charged with four counts each of involuntary manslaughter. An extensive manhunt resulted in the capture of the parents who failed to appear for their arraignment.

Prosecutors say the mother of suspected Michigan high school shooter Ethan Crumbley texted him a number of chilling remarks.

As he unleashed gunfire at his high school, she told him “don’t do it,” according to prosecutors.

More from Fox News:

On the morning of the shooting, a teacher noticed a note on Crumbley’s desk with drawings of a gun, a bullet and a person being shot, McDonald revealed to reporters.

Both parents met with their son and school leaders Tuesday morning and left while Crumbley returned to class. He later fired at least 30 rounds into the school hallway. He faces multiple charges, including four counts of first-degree murder.

The search for James and Jennifer Crumbley involved the U.S. Marshals Service, FBI and Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

“The Crumbleys left town on the night of the tragic shooting for their own safety. They are returning to the area to be arraigned. They are not fleeing from law enforcement despite recent comments in media reports,” attorneys Shannon Smith and Mariell Lehman told Fox News.


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