Democratic Wisconsin Governor Sinks to New Low, Sharing Photos of Himself While Vetoing Five Pro-Life Bills

Democratic Governor of Wisconsin Tony Evers vetoed five pro-life bills and shared photos of himself doing so, according to Daily Wire.

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin responded, “Thank you for vetoing these bills and protecting access to abortion & birth control!”

The governor wrote to Twitter, “BREAKING: I just vetoed five bills that would restrict access to reproductive healthcare in Wisconsin.”

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again today: as long as I’m governor, I will veto any legislation that turns back the clock on reproductive rights in this state—and that’s a promise,” he added.

One of the bills he vetoed was intended to make intentionally causing the death of a child born alive as a result of an abortion a felony punishable by life in prison.

Another proposal he vetoed would have prohibited abortions based on a fetus’ sex, race or national origin.

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A fourth measure Evers vetoed would reduce funding for abortion providers by prohibiting the state from certifying them as a provider under Medicaid. There would be exceptions in cases of sexual assault or incest or if the woman’s life is in danger.

The fifth bill he vetoed would require doctors to tell any woman seeking a medication-induced abortion that she could change her mind after ingesting the first dose and continue the pregnancy.

“Killing an unborn baby because of their sex, race or disability is not health care,” Republican State Senator Julian Bradley said in a statement. “This is a radical, pro-discrimination veto from Governor Evers. Wisconsinites deserve to know life is valued whether they are a man or woman, white or black, or have a disability.”

In a letter to the Senate, Evers explained his vetoing of Senate Bill 593, which is the bill that would have prohibited people from performing abortions if they know a woman is getting one “solely” because of the sex, race, or “potential diagnosis” of a disability of the fetus.

The text of the bill also included potential for damages, stating:

The bill allows a claim for damages for a violation of this bill to be brought by a woman on whom an abortion is performed, induced, or attempted; the father of the aborted unborn child or unborn child that is attempted to be aborted, unless the pregnancy is the result of a sexual assault or incest; and, if the woman is a minor at the time or dies as a result of the abortion or attempted abortion, a parent or guardian of the woman on whom an abortion was performed, induced, or attempted.


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