Elon Musk Utterly Wrecks Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ Despite Tax Credits to Tesla

Self-made billionaire tech entrepreneur Elon Musk recently trashed Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan.

Musk, who is often listed as the world’s richest person, openly criticized top Democrats and their agenda.

Slamming the Democrats for out-of-control spending, Musk argued that the government already spends too much.

Each year, the federal government spends trillions of dollars that it doesn’t actually have. This is “insane,” Musk says.

These comments came as a surprise to many Americans because Biden’s plan provides significant incentives and benefits to Musk’s electric car company Telsa.

“I would say can this bill, don’t pass it. That’s my recommendation,” Musk said.

Watch the clip:

TIME Magazine chose Elon Musk as “Person of the Year” and liberals are furious about it.

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Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren became furious on social media, claiming that Musk is “freeloading off everyone else” and doesn’t “actually pay taxes.”

Right on cue, far-left”Squad” member Rep. Pramila Jayapal said it’s time for Musk to “pay his fair share in taxes.”

A self-described advisor to the Democrats and Left-wing contributor to USA Today responded that TIME Magazine “has lost all remaining credibility,” adding that their decision is “an absolute disgrace.”

MSNBC writer Katelyn Burns said TIME’s decision is “so embarrassing.”

Look at the responses from liberals: