After Allegedly Torching Fox News’ Massive Christmas Tree, Left-Wing Bail Reforms Put Accused Arsonist Back On the Street

Fox News’ massive 50-foot-tall tree went up in flames after a homeless man allegedly set it on fire.

Despite a lengthy rap sheet that includes three prior arrests, 49-year-old Craig Tamanaha is quickly back on the streets thanks to left-wing bail reforms under Democrat NYC mayor Bill de Blasio.

The tree outside Fox News boasted 100,000 lights, 10,000 glass ornaments and took workers 21-hours to assemble.

The crime caused about $500,000 in damages. Assistant District Attorney Matthew Bayley confirmed that Tamanaha was “not charged with a bail eligible offense.”

Nonetheless, at the request of prosecutors, judge Martinez Alonso granted Tamanaha a supervised release.

The suspect cried “I didn’t do it!” to reporters. His prior arrests include public intoxication and two for drug possession.

According to his father, the suspect has a history of destructive stunts, is homeless and abuses drugs.

“Oh, he’s a nut. I can’t control him,” he explained. “Mentally, he’s not all there.”

In an incoherent rant, the suspect said, “The moms that want to rape their f****g daughters — they set it on fire.”

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Bill de Blasio backed bail reforms in 2019 saying, “With the lowest rate of incarceration of any major city, New York City is proving you don’t need to arrest your way to safety.”

“We are taking additional steps to ensure that people who can be safely supervised in the community are able to stay there, all while keeping crime at historic lows,” de Blasio said at the time.