Going Viral: Sign Spotted at iHop Has Democrats Furious, Blames Biden for Staff Shortages and Reduced Hours

A sign posted at an iHop restaurant has infuriated liberals and sparked a firestorm on social media.

One of America’s favorite national restaurants is reducing its hours and battling staff shortages.

The sign puts blame on Joe Biden and his administration’s economic policies continue to wreak havoc on businesses nationwide.

The sign reads, “Due to the fact that Biden gave out way too much free money and nobody wants to work anymore. We are forced to reduce our hours during this week.”

“Thank you for your understanding and patience,” the sign concludes.

Take a look:

Liberals immediately lashed out, claiming the restaurant is “disrespecting” Biden.

Another person comments that Bide is “trying to protect American families.”

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Others spoke out in support of the sign: