Kamala Harris Lashes Out At Media Over Negative Coverage

Kamala Harris, who is the worst vice president in U.S. history according to a USA Today poll, is lashing out over negative media coverage.

Devastating reports have surfaced from nearly three dozen current and former staffers who were interviewed by CNN. One former staffer accused Harris of inflicting a “constant amount of soul-destroying criticism.”

Multiple top aides on Harri’s team have quit, including veteran communications chief Ashley Etienne who previously worked for Obama, Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi.

“Harris is struggling with a rocky relationship with some parts of the White House,” CNN reported about Harris, who once even accused Joe Biden of being racist during the Democratic primary race.

As the pressure mounts and her approval rating sits at only 28 percent, Harris is fighting back against a seemingly endless stream of negative coverage.

During a recent interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Harris whined, “Oh, how about, ‘She’s going to buy a pot on her way to the airport.’”

“After a very significant and highly successful bilateral meeting in France on issues that are about national security, on issues that are about climate, on issues that are about what we are doing in terms of international norms and rules on everything from cyber to space.”

“Come on,” she added.

While in Paris, Harris was pictured shopping for pots and pans which drew criticism on social media.

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The San Francisco outlet accused Harris of “sidestepping” questions about CNN’s report of her office being dysfunctional.

“Harris twice did not directly answer a question about lessons she had learned and whether she wished she’d done anything differently over the past year,” the Chronicle reported.

“But she said her goals for next year include more travel around the country to sell the administration’s priorities.”

In the wave of this horrible publicity, an article from The Washington Post is titled, “A Kamala Harris staff exodus reignites questions about her leadership style — and her future ambitions.”

“Staffers who worked for Harris before she was vice president said one consistent problem was that Harris would refuse to wade into briefing materials prepared by staff members, then berate employees when she appeared unprepared,” the report states.

“It’s clear that you’re not working with somebody who is willing to do the prep and the work,” a former staffer said.

“With Kamala you have to put up with a constant amount of soul-destroying criticism and also her own lack of confidence. So you’re constantly sort of propping up a bully and it’s not really clear why,” a former staffer says about Harris’ behavior behind closed doors.

Former Democratic strategist and Harris aide Gil Duran quit after working for her for only five months in 2013.

Duran explained, “One of the things we’ve said in our little text groups among each other is what is the common denominator through all this and it’s her.”

“Who are the next talented people you’re going to bring in and burn through and then have [them] pretend they’re retiring for positive reasons?”

A rumor circulating in Washington, D.C. that the White House will get rid of Kamala Harris by nominating her to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.

One passage from the CNN report has “sent shockwaves across Washington, D.C.,” Daily Wire notes.

Inside the CNN article, here’s the quote that caught everyone’s eye:

“Defenders and people who care for Harris are getting frantic. When they’re annoyed, some pass around a recent Onion story mocking her lack of more substantive work, one with the headline, “White House Urges Kamala Harris To Sit At Computer All Day In Case Emails Come Through.”

When they’re depressed, they bat down the Aaron Sorkin-style rumor that Biden might try to replace her by nominating her to a Supreme Court vacancy. That chatter has already reached top levels of the Biden orbit, according to one person who’s heard it,” said the piece.