Archbishop: Refusing Vaccination Not Christian

Jabs for Jesus? Some people say yes, including the top bishop in the Church of England.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, suggests refusing to take the coronavirus vaccine goes against the Christian faith.

The injection, he claims, supports one of the central principles of Christian faith — “loving thy neighbour.”

Welby argues that getting vaccinated is a “moral issue,” which overrides any personal desire or right.

“It’s not about me and my rights to choose, it’s about how I love my neighbour. Vaccination reduces my chances — doesn’t eliminate — but it reduces my chances of getting ill and reducing my chances of getting ill, reduces my chances of infecting others,” Welby told.

“It’s very simple, so I would say yes, to love one another as Jesus said, get vaccinated, get boosted,” he added.

Watch the clip:

The archbishop declined to answer whether not getting the vaccine without medical exemptions was a “sin.”

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But Welby did agree it’s a moral issue by saying, “I’m going to step out on thin ice here and say, yes, I think it is.”

“Now obviously there are some people who, for health reasons, can’t be vaccinated – different question,” Welby added.

Church of England curate Jamie Franklin responded, “I think the archbishop’s comments betray a total lack of understanding of the objections to the COVID-19 vaccine which include safety concerns, concerns about the use of aborted foetal tissue in the development of said vaccines, and concerns about the use of coercion, scapegoating and persecution of those who are deemed to be non-compliant.”

“The archbishop also appears completely unconcerned about the emergence of a biosecurity state in which the government has arrogated to itself the power to mandate medical treatments for its citizens, thereby fundamentally altering the nature of the relationship between the individual and the state,” Franklin added.

Franklin said, “Many people are finding it more and more difficult to believe in the narrative pedalled by the government and corporate media and are wondering what on earth is going on.

“The archbishop’s comment do not address any of these concerns and his repeated use of the phrase love your neighbour’ is a misnomer in this context.”