People Notice Something Strange in Windows of Biden’s Fake White House Set

The political theater of the Biden administration continues to shock Americans.

While addressing the nation about the supply chain crisis, Joe Biden sat in front of a fake set for his televised remarks.

The television set has been widely ridiculed as nonsensical and cartoonish.

But something strange inside the fake window caught the eye of Americans on social media.

Besides the fake skies, clouds and trees, the White House displayed a landscape of fake container ships.

This decision is apparently meant to underscore the work of Biden’s Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force. The supply chain issues are largely a result of shipping bottlenecks that have occurred in ports during the pandemic.

Take a look:

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Previously, Biden was scorched by Twitter users for getting his booster on live TV on the theatrical set, which is adorned with fake windows that for this previous occasion were complete with fake skies, clouds and trees.

On Wednesday, however, in an apparent effort to underscore plainly to the American people that Biden is taking the situation at our ports very, very seriously, the White House set dressers placed a landscape of container ships behind the fake windows.

Like the White House had just been magically transported to the Long Beach shipyard, or something?

Why does it seem like the White House has hired the kind of people who produce preschool kids’ shows for PBS to prep Biden for his TV appearances?

I’m not even kidding, this set reminds me so much of what you’d see in a program designed to promote early childhood learning that I can’t unsee it, nor can I shake the feeling that the administration is also talking down to us as though we are also newly discovering the distinguishing qualities of various shapes, colors and letter sounds.

Placing POTUS in front of a cheesy television set seems to underscore just how much the White House desperately constructs a façade of supposed normalcy while hoping we don’t notice the reality of how things are going under Biden’s leadership.

Really, a flaming dumpster fire would be a more fitting image to put behind the windows of a fake White House set.

Yet if this cheesy background is all about optics and convincing the American people that everything is fine, it may not be very effective.


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