The Internet Erupts on Hillary Clinton After She Makes Shady Monetary Request

The Corrupt Clintons are back to their usual tricks, even requesting foundations to their shady “non-profit” called The Clinton Foundation.

The foundation has long been suspected of allegedly engaging in illegal “pay-to-play operations.”

Hillary and Bill are accused of using the money to fund their millionaire lifestyle while using very little funds for charity purposes.

Hillary shamelessly wrote to Twitter, “If you’re able to give, I hope you’ll consider supporting the life-changing work of the @ClintonFdn.”

Take a look:

People immediately responded on social media by slamming the request:

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From Western Journal:

Hillary Clinton got herself dragged on Twitter last week after putting out a fundraising request for the shady non-profit she founded with her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

The appearance of impropriety hasn’t abated since Hillary’s shock defeat by Donald Trump, when it became clear she was not headed to the White House and, just like that, donations to the organization conspicuously plummeted.

So when Clinton issued a request to her Twitter followers to consider donating to the notorious non-profit, more than a few users noted cynically that her particular brand of charity usually seemed to be aimed at benefitting the Clinton family more than anyone else.

Some Twitter users thought that the Clinton brand of “life-changing” might not necessarily be a good thing, pointing to oft-cited criticism that the Clintons had botched the Haiti earthquake recovery effort in 2010 when Hillary was U.S. Secretary of State and Bill Clinton was the United Nations special envoy to Haiti.