CNN Gets Devastating News, Primetime Viewership Collapses by 73 Percent

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CNN’s ratings continue to plummet.

During the final quarter of 2021, Fox News Channel was the most-watched basic cable network in the 24-hour daypart.

Fox averaged 2.37 million total viewers in primetime. CNN only saw 642,000 viewers.

“Ouch,” RedState’s Mike Miller writes.

“How low can they go?” Miller asks.

CNN has faced major criticism for obvious mistakes and bias in their reporting under the Biden administration.

The disgraced left-wing news network has also been plagued by disturbing sexual assault allegations against current and former employees of the company.

Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was terminated after allegations of sexual misconduct as well as his involvement in his brother’s alleged sexual harassment of at least 11 women.

Longtime CNN producer John Griffin was arrested for allegedly attempting to pay off witnesses who claim he abused a 9-year-old girl and enticed other minors.

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Ex-CNN producer Rick Saleeby is under criminal investigation for sex crimes involving potential juvenile victims.

Moving on to CNN’s current star anchor: Don Lemon.

Lemon is already facing a lawsuit that alleges he committed sexual assault and battery at a bar on New York’s Long Island.

Lemon, who is openly gay, allegedly put his hand down his shorts in the summer of 2018 and “vigorously” rubbed his genitalia before allegedly shoving the same hand into a man’s mustache area. Dustin Hice filed the lawsuit and has reportedly rejected a number of settlement offers for compensation.

A more recent incident caught the eye of viewers during CNN’s live New Year’s Eve broadcast.

A seemingly drunk Lemon was speaking to comedian Dulcé Sloan when she said her New Year’s resolution is to “love myself more and to say nicer things to me and to be able to say no.”

Lemon apparently believed this was an opportunity to make an inappropriate sexual remark. He proceeded to ask Sloan about her behavior in the bedroom.

“Does that mean chaining people to the bed?” Lemon asked.

“Does that mean what?” Sloan responded to the racy and startling question.

“Oh, only if I’m a good girl,” Sloan responded while Lemon laughed hysterically.

Watch the clip: