Watch: Ted Cruz Asks FBI the Question We’ve All Been Wondering

A simple question from Republican Senator Ted Cruz is making a top FBI official very uncomfortable.

“How many FBI agents or confidential informants actively participated in the events of Jan. 6?” Cruz asked.

“Sir, I’m sure you can appreciate that I can’t go into the specifics of sources and methods,” FBI Assistant Executive Director Jill Sanborn answered.

Cruz asked a broader question, “Did any FBI agents or confidential informants actively participate in the events of Jan. 6? Yes or no.”

“Sir, I can’t answer that,” replied Sanborn.

Then Cruz asked about Ray Epps, who many people claim is an FBI informant present who was present on Jan. 6.

“Ms. Sanborn, was Ray Epps a fed?” Cruz asked.

“I’m aware of the individual, sir. I don’t have the specific background to him,” Sanborn answered.

Cruz showed photographs of Epps allegedly whispering to some protesters, who then proceeded to tear down a barricade around the Capitol.

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“Did Mr. Epps urge them to tear down the barricades?” Cruz asked.

Cruz even explained how Epps was captured on video with a crowd in Washington, D.C. on the night prior to January 6, claiming that “Tomorrow, we need to get into the Capitol! Into the Capitol!”

People yelled back, “No!” Folks even started chanting, “Fed, Fed, Fed!”

Cruz asked, “Did any FBI agents or confidential informants commit crimes of violence on Jan. 6?”

Sanborn would not say.

“Did any FBI agents or FBI informants actively encourage and incite crimes of violence on Jan. 6?” Cruz asked.

“Sir, I can’t answer that,” Sanborn said.

Since the FBI is unwilling to answer simple and basic questions, many Americans are beginning to seriously suspect the agency played a role in the events of January 6 when the Capitol was breached.

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Finally, Cruz pointed out that Epps was originally among those pictured on an FBI wanted notice in the days immediately after Jan. 6.

In fact a cash reward was offered for information leading to the arrest of Epps, the senator said.

However, “magically,” by July, Epps had disappeared from the public posting, Cruz noted.

Epps does not appear in the list maintained by USA Today of those charged with crimes related to the Jan. 6 protest.

Cruz closed his line of questioning saying, “Ms. Sanborn, a lot of Americans are concerned that the federal government deliberately encouraged illegal and violent conduct on Jan. 6.”