Internet Meltdowns Over Photos of Wyoming Kids Learning Gun Safety in School

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Liberals suffered a total meltdown over fifth and sixth-grade students who are learning about gun safety at school.

In Hot Springs County, Wyoming, children aren’t simply playing dodgeball during physical education, but rather learning important skills in self-defense.

Posting to its official Facebook account, Hot Springs County School District #1 shared photos of students learning proper firearm safety with air rifles. Take a look:

“All students passed their safety test and have been sharpening their skills,” the caption read.

“This is what America needs more of,” one comment read. “Education and responsible firearm ownership.”

“This is so awesome! Probably one of the safest schools in the country too,” a commenter wrote. “I need to find a school like this for my son once he’s old enough!”

“CA masks their kids, Wyoming teaches marksmanship,” said another.

There were thousands of comments and many of them were supportive. However, a number of liberals were enraged.

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“America is a dystopian hellhole,” a commenter said.

“Do they go straight from their gun marksmanship training to their active shooter drills?” asked another.

More from Western Journal:

Some commenters espoused typical leftist talking points and compared teaching children proper firearm safety to arming them for future crimes.

“Training the next school shooter young and providing the guns on campus nice,” one Facebook user wrote.

Another user suggested that this training amounted to “literally raising possible school shooters.”

This kind of rhetoric is obviously misguided for multiple reasons. First, the post clearly stated the children were given air rifles, not fully functional firearms.

The suggestion that children were provided with guns that could be used in school shootings was either ignorant or purposely dishonest. In either case, the comment was false.

Second, there is no evidence to suggest training children in proper gun safety will cause them to become unnecessarily violent.

In fact, there is a strong argument to be made that children who learn both the power of a firearm and the discipline it takes to handle one are more likely to be responsible, law-abiding gun owners in the future.

In many cases, gun-related deaths result from someone wielding a gun without knowledge of firearm safety.