‘You’re Somebody’s B****’: Bill Maher Torches LeBron James and John Cena Over China

Although HBO comedian Bill Maher often spouts the left-wing agenda of Democrats, he rightfully slammed liberal celebrities who continue to bow to the demands of communist China.

Maher singled out NBA star LeBron James and actor John Cena for “kowtowing” to the communist regime despite ongoing human rights abuses.

China is accused of disturbing human rights abuse against its people, including forced labor, systematic torture, illegal imprisonment, religious freedom abuses, authoritarian surveillance, organ harvesting, and abusive psychiatric measures.

As the Olympic games were held in China, Maher pointed out how Americans should be promoting democratic government.

“In America, we’re supposed to root for democratic government, not apologize for it,” Maher said. “But the NBA has a television deal with China worth a billion-and-a-half dollars. So, LeBron James said Morey needed to be ‘educated on the situation,’ the situation being, ‘I’ve got some shoes to sell.’”

LeBron James and the NIKE company are regularly outspoken about left-wing “social justice initiatives” in America, but they are often silent about their own ties to China where there are ongoing human rights violations.

“‘Kowtow’ is a Chinese word, but boy, Americans have gotten good at it,” Maher continued.

For financial gain, celebrities want access to the Chinese markets. This means they can’t do anything that upsets the Chinese Communist Party.

“That’s the deal China offers American companies and celebrities: We’ll give you access to our billion-plus consumers as long as you shut up about the whole police-state-genocide thing,” Maher said.

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“John Cena took that deal. Well, c’mon. China accounts for 34% of global box office, and he’s a movie star now. So, like the Uyghurs, last year, he learned he needed to get some re-education,” Maher added.

“You see, John referred to Taiwan as a country, as if it was a separate country from China, which it is. But China would like to do to Taiwan what it did to Tibet and what it’s now doing to Hong Kong.”

“When a country can make your big muscly Macho Man action star grovel in their language, you know you’re somebody’s b****,” Maher said.

“In the original ‘Top Gun,’ Tom Cruise wore a bomber jacket with the flags of several Asian countries that are our allies sewn on the back. Well, the flag for Taiwan has now magically disappeared for the upcoming ‘Top Gun: Maverick.’ Well, he used to be a maverick. Now he does whatever China says,” Maher explained.

Maher also slammed 18-year-old skier Eileen Gu who turned on the U.S. and competed for China in the recent Olympic games.

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