Look What Happened To Man With ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ License Plate

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The Left’s unhinged attacks on President Donald Trump were not only allowed, but encouraged.

Now that there’s a Democrat in the White House, any criticism is suddenly a major problem.

A man in Alabama man received bad news after he ordered a personalized “Let’s Go Brandon” themed license plate.

A letter from the state’s Department of Revenue said the license plate isn’t allowed. The state reasoned that the license plate contains “objectionable” language.

He was told that he must change the license plate or lose his vehicle’s registration.

Nathan Kirk, who owns Blount County Tactical in Blount County, shared the story with AL.com. Take a look:

“Nothing about it is right,” Kirk responded.

“Someone at Montgomery, I’m assuming, doesn’t like it, and now they’re throwing a fit,” he added.

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More on this story via Daily Wire:


The letter, sent to his wife Courtney Kirk since her name was on the title of the vehicle, demanded the licence plate changed within 10 days, claiming the lettering licesnse plate’s letter of “LGBFJB” is “objectionable content.”

“The Alabama Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division, has determined the above referenced license plate contains objectionable language which is considered by the Department to be offensive to the peace and dignity of the State of Alabama,” the letter reportedly stated.

Kirk said he paid $700 for the personalized lettering on his “Don’t Tread on Me” plate in October 2021. The report noted Kirk is considering legal action on First Amendment grounds.

The license plate’s lettering referring to “Let’s Go Brandon” and “F*** Joe Biden” builds on the popularity of the phrases following a NASCAR race at Alabama’s Talladega Speedway in 2021. The crowd behind NASCAR winner Brandon Brown chanted, “F*** Joe Biden.” The NBC Sports announcer claimed they were saying, “Let’s Go Brandon!”

The viral phrase quickly led to memes and merchandise using the phrase as a jab at President Joe Biden and his policies.

Pennsylvania Senate Candidate David McCormick (R) built on the phrase’s popularity in the release of a recent Super Bowl ad in his state.