Ukraine Releasing Prisoners From Its Jails to Kill Russians

As the situation becomes more desperate, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has called on everyone who can “join the struggle against the invaders must do so.”

He also confirmed that those with combat experience would be released from prison to help with the “struggle for our state.”

“Ukrainians with real combat experience will be released from custody and will be able to compensate for their guilt in the hottest spots,” Zelenskyy said.

“All sanctions against some individuals who participated in the Anti-Terrorist Operation will be lifted. The key thing now is defense.”

Although this is a difficult decision from a moral point of view Zelenskyy said it was vital “in terms of our protection.”

“When I went to the presidency, I said that each of us is the president. Because we are all responsible for our country. For our beautiful Ukraine. And now it has happened that each of us is a warrior,” he said.

He said the country is dedicating “every minute” to the conflict.

As Russia and Ukraine battled for the fourth day, Russian President Vladimir Putin raised the alert status for his nuclear forces to “special regime of combat duty.”

This move signals tensions could rise and become a nuclear war.

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Putin warned that countries who interfere with his invasion of Ukraine will face “consequences you have never seen.”

Putin ordered the Russian defense minister and the chief of the military’s General Staff to put the nuclear deterrent forces in a “special regime of combat duty.”

“He is right now threatening a nuclear escalation,” said former DIA intelligence officer Rebekah Koffler.

“This a veiled threat – or maybe such a veiled threat – he just met with his chief of general staff and minister of defense. He is escalating the conflict into the nuclear domain in order to de-escalate – that is topple Kyiv’s regime quickly.”

More on this story via Fox News:

Turkey has declared that Russia’s actions in Ukraine constitute a war and will act accordingly, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Sunday.

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby spoke to reporters Friday on the U.S. military’s plans to aid Ukraine as Russian forces continue to advance through the country.

One reporter asked Kirby if U.S. intelligence suggests Russian President Vladimir Putin would stop his advancement with Ukraine. Some European countries are anxious that the Russian president’s campaign could continue past the borders of the war-torn country.

“It is not entirely clear if Mr. Putin has designs beyond the Ukraine,” Kirby said. “And it’s because that’s not perfectly clear that we continue to look for ways to bolster our NATO capabilities and to reassure our allies. I mean, one of the reasons we’re doing this is because we want to make it clear to him that we will defend every inch of NATO territory.”

During an interview with Fox News Digital at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Sen. Bill Hagerty, R-Tenn. said Putin will only respond to “people that show a spine” and stand up to the authoritarian leader, which the U.S. is unfortunately not doing at the moment under Biden’s leadership, he said.