‘I Couldn’t Finish’: Zelenskyy’s Powerful Speech Moves Translator to Tears

A translator was moved to tears and couldn’t finish interpreting a speech on live television from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Zelenskyy has been described by many as a “true leader” and a powerful example of “Ukrainian strong.” He has picked up arms and joined his soldiers in fighting back against a deadly and unprovoked invasion by Russia.

During the speech, a German interpreter abruptly stopped before she broke down into tears.

The translator could be heard getting choked up towards the end of Zelenskyy’s speech before she apologized.

“Russia is on the path of evil,” Zelenskyy said. “Russia must lose its voice in the U.N.”

“Ukrainians, we know exactly what we are defending. We will definitely win,” Zelenskyy added, as the interpreter began to break down.

“Glory to each of our soldiers. Glory to Ukraine,” the Ukrainian president added.

“Excuse me,” the interpreter said after a brief pause.

Watch the clip:

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More on this story via Fox news:

The Ukrainian president, whose country has incurred countless losses across several days of a Russian invasion, then encouraged his people to be hopeful in the seemingly dire situation.

Zelenskyy has refused to leave the capital city of Kyiv, despite Russian forces continuing to besiege it.

His speech Saturday referenced many of the difficulties the Ukrainian people have faced: “Last night was brutal in Ukraine. Again, the shelling, again the bombing of residential areas and civilian infrastructure.”

“The people rose to defend their state, and they showed their true faces. This is terror. They are going to bomb our Ukrainian cities even more. They are going to kill our children even more insidiously. This is an evil that has come to our land and must be destroyed.”

“If children are born in shelters, even when the shelling continues, then the enemy has no chance in this — undoubtedly — people’s war,” Zelenskyy added. “To victory! Glory to Ukraine!”

I’m a conference interpreter, I interprepret 10 hrs peace talks. But today live on German TV I couldn’t finish interpreting Zelensky, during his last words I broke into tears.