BREAKING: Top US Official Releases Report – Not Looking Good For Russia

Things are looking very bad for Russia as its soldiers are currently stalled and facing major problems.

They are running out of food and gas north of Kyiv.

“Some Russian units have surrendered without a fight in Ukraine,” according to Reuters reporter Phil Stewart.

A senior US defense official confirmed to Reuters that the “U.S. assesses that morale is flagging in some Russian units.”

“Russian advance on Kyiv remains ‘basically where it was yesterday’ senior defense official told reporters today,” according to CNN’s Natasha Bertrand.

“The Russians are not only facing ‘fuel and sustainment’ problems, but are showing signs that they are running out of food, the official claimed.”

As a result, Russian combat forces are stuck north of Kyiv and they have not advanced.

More than 80% of the pre-staged Russian combat power is now inside Ukraine, the official said.

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U.S. officials have said that a “significant number” of Russian troops are conscripts.

Russian soldiers are being described as “very young men drafted into service.”

They may not have been fully trained or aware that they would be participating in combat operations.

More on this story via Fox News:

The official added that the “stall” north of Kyiv is due in part to tough Ukrainian resistance and “fuel and sustainment problems.” The lack of advance could also be a result of Russia regrouping, rethinking or reevaluating their strategy, the official said.

The U.S. is picking up indications that morale is flagging in some of these units, the defense official added.

But Russia has made some gains in the southern part of Ukraine after occupying Malitopol and Berdyansk…

Russian state-aligned media outlet RIA posted and deleted an article over the weekend that hailed Vladimir Putin for victory over Ukraine as Russia helps usher in a supposed “new world.”

In what some have already labeled an “embarrassing and revealing” mistake, RIA pushed the article out and quickly deleted it. The article carries a date and timestamp of Feb. 26 at 8 a.m. and remains web-archived and available via the WayBack Machine to read in full.

The report starts off by underscoring the victory as “restoring” Russia’s unity, not just geographically returning the country to its historical borders and reversing “the tragedy of 1991,” but also hailing the country’s ability to overcome “temporary division.”