BREAKING: Hunter Biden’s Friend And Business Partner Heads To Jail

Hunter Biden’s dark past of scandals and corruption is finally catching up to him.

Biden’s close friend and business partner Devon Archer was sentenced by Federal District Judge Ronnie Abrams to one year in jail.

Archer was found guilty and convicted of fraud in the handling of a $60 million bond offering.

Archer was also involved with Hunter as a board member on Burisma Holdings, an Ukraine-based energy company.

Here’s a photo of Archer alongside Joe and Hunter Biden while playing golf:

The photo below was initially posted on the Burisma website.

The photo was removed when suddenly the VP’s Chief Counsel called for it to be taken down.

Prosecutors requested 30 months, but the judge handed down a lighter sentence.

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The judge claimed the pandemic conditions in prison were “extraordinarily difficult” as reasoning for reducing the sentence.

In United States v. Archer, the Second Circuit found that Judge Abrams abused her discretion in tossing out the verdict.

More on this story via Zero Hedge:

The lower sentence may have practically undermined any interest of federal prosecutors to reach a cooperation deal with Abrams in their ongoing investigation of Hunter Biden.

Joe Biden has repeatedly denied knowing anything about his son’s foreign dealings, even though Hunter Biden himself contradicted that account and a key witness Anthony Bobulinski has refuted the denial.

One of the most extraordinary exchanges found in Hunter’s text messages reportedly dealt with Archer complaining that he was arrested by Biden “appointees.” According to press accounts, Hunter Biden responded by assuring him that he was covered and “family”:

“Every great family is persecuted prosecuted in the US — you are part of a great family — not a side show not deserted by them even in your darkest moments. That’s the way Bidens are different and you are a Biden. It’s the price of power.”

That exchange is highly concerning since Hunter knew that he was a potential target of a criminal investigation. He was talking to a potential witness who could be used against him and his family in any investigation of their alleged influence peddling and foreign dealings.