Jill Biden’s Guest to SOTU Is Very Alarming

First lady Jill Biden’s guest for the State of the Union address is a radical left-wing activist who supports teaching critical race theory in schools.

Biden’s guest is Melissa Isaac. She has a history of rejecting arguments on social media made against the teaching of critical race theory, according to Fox News.

Isaac once claimed that the “argument against teaching Critical Race Theory is a smokescreen.”

“Let’s call it for what it is CENSORSHIP,” Isaac said. “That’s what we’re really talking about.”

“Censoring systemic racism, injustice, and inequality will NOT ungay the gay, unqueer the queen, nor will it reduce the number of [Black, Indigenous, people of color] killed by police brutality,” she continued.

“It will not keep my indigenous sisters from going Missing and being Murdered, and it definitely won’t kill the Indian to save the man…..We are still here.”

“I’ve been following this development with the Mt. Pleasant Public Schools Board of Education,” Isaac wrote in a Facebook post. “As a parent and community member, I’m glad to see this recall effort was NOT successful.”

Take a look:

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Isaac wrote on Facebook that she is a “huge fan of his Tribal Critical Race Theory.”

Isaac didn’t immediately return Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

More on this story via Fox News:

Isaac also expressed excitement last year over a failed recall effort in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

The recall petitions, according to Mount Pleasant’s Morning Sun, accused two members of the school board – Courtney Stegman, the board’s secretary, and Wiline Pangle, a trustee – of “teaching of critical race theory and using curriculum to introduce students to alternative forms of sexuality, supporting vaccines and being disrespectful to members of the public who opposed all of it.”

In September 2020, Isaac shared tips on how “to be an ally” to minority communities, telling her followers that it is an example of “systemic racism” to “seek out and hire ‘race experts’ when we are fully capable of representing and speaking for ourselves.”

In addition, Isaac said it is “pathetic and inexcusable” to steal the identities of minorities in America.

Last October, amid the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Isaac shared a photo to Twitter of herself hugging a masked first lady at a Project AWARE event, where, according to Isaac, Biden spoke with her about “youth mental health.”

Isaac has also publicly expressed her interest in Bryan Brayboy, the President’s Professor in the School of Social Transformation at Arizona State University. Brayboy is the author of a 2005 article titled Toward a Tribal Critical Race Theory in Education, which, according to the online document, works to “address the issues of Indigenous Peoples in the United States.”