Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Responds to Allegations That She’s Soft on Child Pornographers

Joe Biden’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson, has been widely condemned for going easy on convicted sex offenders who were guilty of obtaining child pornography.

Jackson reportedly considers some offenders merely “nonpedophiles” who obtain child pornography, and thus receive lighter sentences in her view.

“In every single child porn case for which we can find records, Judge Jackson deviated from the federal sentencing guidelines in favor of child porn offenders,” Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri explained.

Judge Jackson finally had an opportunity to defend her decisions. She claims these cases are “some of the most difficult” for her to deal with, adding that “judges have to read and consider when they decide how to sentence in these cases.”

She explains that judges are not obligated to “impose about the highest possible penalty for this sickening and egregious crime.”

After looking at “various aspects” of each case, she then imposes a sentence that she think is “sufficient.” She does not want to make the sentence “greater than necessary to promote the purposes of punishment.” Watch the clip:

In one disturing example, which occurred less than a year ago, a convicted felon had obtained over 6,500 images depicting children of elementary, middle and high school ages, who were engaged in sexual acts or posing sexually.

The probation office recommended a sentence of 84 months.

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However, Judge Jackson only sentenced the man to 60 months in prison, which was the mandatory minimum. Presumably, she felt this was “sufficient” after the man obtained 6,500 images of child pornography.

Many Americans disagree with Judge Jackson, such as Republican Senator Josh Hawley.

“This is a disturbing record for any judge, but especially one nominated to the highest court in the land,” Hawley noted in his thread of examples. “Protecting the most vulnerable shouldn’t be up for debate. Sending child predators to jail shouldn’t be controversial.”

“Judge Jackson has a pattern of letting child porn offenders off the hook for their appalling crimes,” Hawley continued. Jackson is accused of advocating for this practice since law school.

Hawley put together a disturbing list of examples. He argues that this shows she “goes beyond ‘soft on crime'” and shows “a record that endangers our children.”

During the 2020 campaign trail, Joe Biden promised to pick the first Black woman for the nation’s highest court because everything is about race for Democrats.

In an act of racial discrimination, Biden kept his promise and is nominating Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. “Democrats today believe in racial discrimination,” Republican Senator Ted Cruz responded to the nomination.

Now Jackson’s judicial record is facing increasing scrutiny as confirmation hearings draw closer. Hawley says that he “noticed an alarming pattern when it comes to Judge Jackson’s treatment of sex offenders, especially those preying on children.” Take a look:

“Not only does this case, which Judge Jackson left off her list of child abuse cases, undercut her argument that she followed the probation office’s recommended sentences, but it also underscores the perils of moving too quickly in the vetting process,” a Republican Judiciary Committee aide told Fox News.