White House Rushes To Clean Up Disastrous Remarks Biden Made About Putin During Speech

Joe Biden made a number of disastrous remarks during his trip to Poland.

This forced the White House to subsequently walk back the comments and issue embarrassing corrections.

First, Biden said that Russian President Vladimir Putin cannot remain in power. “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” Biden clearly stated.

Biden went on to explain that Putin is “a dictator” who is “bent on rebuilding an empire.”

This was widely viewed as Biden calling for regime change in Russia.

The White House quickly contradicted Biden’s comment and clarified that he does not believe Putin must step down.

“The President’s point was that Putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or the region,” a White House official said. “He was not discussing Putin’s power in Russia, or regime change.” Take a look:

In another incident, Biden told U.S. soldiers that they would be getting deployed to Ukraine.

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Even ABC News reported that Biden “raised eyebrows” when he said American troops will be going into Ukraine. This contradicts earlier statements that the U.S. military would not be involved.

Again, the White House quickly contradicted Biden’s comment and clarified that U.S. troops will not be deployed to Ukraine.

“The president has been clear we are not sending U.S. troops to Ukraine and there is no change in that position,” a White House official said.

More on this story via Daily Wire:

“You know, with the Ukrainian people, Ukrainian people have a lot of backbone, they have a lot of guts and I’m sure you’re observing it,” Biden said. “And you’re gonna see when you’re there, and some of you have been there. You’re gonna see, you’re gonna see women, young people standing, standing in the middle, in front of a damn tank, just saying I’m not leaving. I’m holding my ground. They’re incredible. But they take a lot of inspiration from us.”

The Biden administration had to swiftly clean up after the president by issuing a statement claiming that his position on deploying U.S. soldiers had not changed.

The administration also had to clean up remarks that Biden made on Thursday when he said that if Russia were to use chemical weapons in Ukraine, “it would trigger a response in-kind.”

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said the U.S. has “no intention” of using chemical weapons and that what Biden meant was that Russia would pay a “severe price.”

“And I won’t go beyond that other than to say the United States has no intention of using chemical weapons, period, under any circumstances,” Sullivan said. “I will just say, with respect to any use of weapons of mass destruction — nuclear, chemical, biological — Russia would pay a severe price.”