Chip Roy Unloads on House Floor Over $40 Billion Vote for Ukraine (Watch)

Republican U.S. Rep. Chip Roy didn’t hold back his thoughts as he railed against Democrats on the House floor.

Roy argued that he received “a $40 billion bill at three o’clock in the afternoon” and it’s “not paid for.”

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He also explained how Congress is voting “without having any idea what’s really in it” because there hasn’t been enough time to read it.

“You want to talk about standing up alongside Ukraine?” Roy said. “Why don’t we actually have a debate on the floor of the people’s House, instead of the garbage of getting a $40 billion bill at three o’clock in the afternoon, not paid for, without having any idea what’s really in it?”

You can watch the viral clip below:

🚨 POLL: Should Congress pass bills without reading them?
YES 👍 or NO 👎 Roy UNLOADS on House Floor over MASSIVE $40 Billion vote for Ukraine— Says what we’re ALL thinking

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The House approved a $39.8 billion aid package for Ukraine on Tuesday, sending the massive supplemental to the Senate as Russia’s invasion nears the three-month mark.

The aid package passed in a 368-57 vote. All lawmakers who voted against the bill were Republicans. Two Democrats and three Republicans did not vote.

The legislation includes $6 billion for security assistance — including training, equipment, weapons, logistical support, supplies and services for military and national security forces in Ukraine — and $900 million for refugee support services such as housing, language classes and trauma services for individuals fleeing Ukraine…

Republicans opposing the bill pointed to the fact that the bill was not paid for, adding to the national debt. Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) lamented getting text for the $40 billion bill at “3 in the afternoon” before the House voted on it Tuesday night, calling portions of the bill “a massive slush fund that goes to the State Department.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday evening said the House passage of the supplemental was a “critical step” in showing the world that the U.S. supports Ukraine amid the Russian invasion.