Minneapolis Man Convicted Lying to A Federal Grand Jury About Committing Voter Fraud

34-year-old Muse Mohamud Mohamed was convicted on three counts of lying to a federal grand jury that was investigating voter fraud in 2020 elections.

Mohamed submitted three ballots in the Democratic primary on behalf of other people while claiming to be their “authorized agent,” which was false. The three people had no idea who he is. One of the individuals had already voted in person.

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The jury took less than an hour to convict Mohamed of what amounts to voter fraud. One of the three ballots was rejected because the person had voted in person. However, the other two ballots were counted.

Liberal fact-checkers have gone to great lengths to explain these three votes were “not nearly enough to affect the outcome.”

All three of the “voters” in question testified to the jury that they had never met him and had not given him an absentee ballot to submit.

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Minnesota Public Radio reported that the jury of 10 women and two men took 40 minutes to convict him.

State law allows voters with incapacitating health problems or disabilities to have someone deliver their absentee ballot. The maximum amount allow is for each person to deliver three absentee ballots per election.

This plan backfired on Mohamed.

Sources also say he has personal connections to a senator and candidate. More on this story:

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Muse Mohamud Mohamed has shared an address with members of a newly prominent political network, including the wife of a state senator and another DFL-endorsed state Senate candidate who is likely to win her election this fall if she becomes the nominee.

The south Minneapolis address listed on Muse Mohamed’s current voter registration matches that listed on traffic tickets and March 2021 business registration documents for Kaltum Mohamed. She is married to state Sen. Omar Fateh. The couple now lives elsewhere in the district Fateh represents, District 62.

The same address is listed on the current voter registration of Zaynab Mohamed, the DFL-endorsed candidate running for the Senate in the heavily Democratic District 63.

The single family home is owned by Mohamud Mohamed Nur, according to Hennepin County records. Zaynab Mohamed’s campaign finance report shows she received five donations from people who listed the same address.

Hot Air also notes:

There have been so many of these cases cropping up all over the country ever since Democrats began pushing for massive mail-in voting that the flaws in these systems should be obvious by now. Minnesota’s voting laws contain a provision for “agent delivery.” If a person wishes to vote but is unable to do so due to illness or disability, they can assign an “agent” to take their ballot and drop it off, even after the voting deadline. An agent is allowed to deliver up to three ballots in this fashion.

Mohamed was a volunteer for a Democratic Socialist candidate named Omar Fateh, who was running in the primary for a state senate seat. Fateh went on to win the primary by just 2,000 votes and then the general election. What Mohamed was doing seems obvious. He wanted to give the boss a bit of a boost, so he found the names of three registered voters in the district and filled out ballots in their names…

Massive mail-in voting, originally embraced only as a response to the pandemic lockdowns, is something that the Democrats are attempting to enshrine permanently on a national level with their stalled “voting reform” bills. But as we’ve seen too many times, this process opens the door to those who might be tempted to cheat. Once that door is open, people will inevitably walk through. And just as a reminder, these flawed mail-in voting schemes may have already flipped a congressional race in New York.