Ret. Army Lt. General Michael Flynn Hits DOJ, FBI with Massive $50 Million Lawsuit

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Three-star Army General Michael Flynn received a presidential pardon in November 2020 after being the victim of “political persecution.”

Flynn, who served as National Security Advisor, says he was “viciously targeted, maligned, smeared, and threatened.”

In response, Flynn has filed a $50 million claim against the FBI and Justice Department for “malicious prosecution” in connection to the now-debunked Russia collusion investigation.

The lawsuit names the DOJ, FBI, U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington D.C., Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office and the Executive Office of the President as potential defendants.

“My persecution was a political persecution and that’s really clear and the evidence has come out in spades,” Flynn said. “Basically it was a get Flynn to get [President Donald] Trump direction.”

Flynn says former President Barack Obama and the FBI were biased in their actions because they had a vendetta against him.

Obama had urged Trump privately not to name Flynn as national security adviser, according to Flynn’s notes.

“Nobody else was there,” Flynn said about the incident in which authorities say “willfully and knowingly” made false statements to the FBI.

James Comey said, “They interviewed him in a conference room at the White House Situation Room and he lied to them.

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“What an arrogant smug person that he is, so that’ll be my last comment about him,” Flynn said about Comey.

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“Of all of President Trump’s appointees, the Obama White House hated Flynn the most,” the filing noted as it laid out a long list of irregularities in his case it said proved political interference inside the FBI.

Beginning in July 2016, “the FBI began to express disdain for candidate Donald J. Trump and began to consider ways in which it could hamper Donald Trump as candidate or as President, were he to win the 2016 election,” the filing alleges.

“As part of these efforts, the FBI began to target Flynn,” it claims. “Flynn was no stranger to the FBI and its leadership, many of whom considered Flynn to be a personal enemy of the FBI and the success of their own FBI careers.”

Flynn, according to the form, is seeking “compensatory damages including but not limited to lost past and future earnings/revenue, emotional distress, lost opportunity to be President’s National Security Advisor, significant restraints of personal liberty, attorney fees/expenses and court costs in defending against malicious prosecution, abuse of process, false arrest.”

In a supplemental filing accompanying the notification, Flynn and his lawyer Jesse Binnall make a detailed claim that the there was a “political motivation” behind the the prosecution of the former Trump adviser on a charge of lying to the FBI.

Flynn, a three-star Army general who served as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, initially pled guilty to the charge and agreed to cooperate with Mueller’s probe, then requested to withdraw his plea when belated exculpatory evidence emerged showing the FBI did not believe he had lied to agents, who actually tried to shut down the case but were overruled by superiors. Flynn was eventually pardoned after DOJ lawyers asked that his charges be dismissed.