South Carolina Becomes the 16th State to Ban Biological Males From Competing Against Women In Athletics

Conservatives are celebrating as South Carolina has become the 16th state to enact a law prohibiting biological males with gender dysphoria from competing against females in athletic competitions.

This will impact grades K-12 as well as collegiate levels.

Republican Governor Henry McMaster signed the bill into law, dubbed the Save Women’s Sports Act.

The law requires middle school, high school, and college students to compete in sports leagues according to the sex on their birth certificates.

McMaster said, “I think the girls ought to play girls and the boys ought to play boys. That’s the way we’ve always done it.”

Democrats have opposed the law as expected.

Liberals argued the law is hateful and bigoted.

Ivy Hill, Executive Director of Gender Benders and Community Health Program Director of Campaign for Southern Equality, said this law “needlessly stigmatizes young people.”

“Transgender youth are not a threat to fairness in sports,” Hill said. “And this law now needlessly stigmatizes young people who are simply trying to navigate their adolescence, make friends, and build skills like teamwork and leadership, winning and losing.”

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This debate recently grabbed national attention as sport spectators watched Lia Thomas, formerly William, switch from the men’s swimming team after three years to compete against women.

Thomas’ ranking instantly skyrocketed from 65th on the men’s team to 1st on the women’s team in the 500-yard freestyle. Thomas won the NCAA championship competing against women, but not against men.

In the 200-yard freestyle event, Thomas ranked 554th on the men’s team and 5th on the women’s team. Thomas still has male genital and used the women’s locker room, according to teammates who have spoken out in frustration over the situation.

Critics argue that Lia Thomas possesses an obvious unfair advantage over female competitors as a result of going through male puberty.

Even though Lia has undergone “testosterone suppression” for one year prior to joining the women’s team, as the NCAA policy requires, this does not reverse the impact of nearly 20 years of presumably normal male testosterone levels. The NCAA’s policy fails to address this problem.

Well-known transgender celebrity and former Olympic gold medal-winning athlete Caitlyn Jenner argued that “Thomas not good for women’s sports.”

“It’s unfortunate that this is happening. I don’t know why she’s doing it. She knows when she’s swimming she’s beating the competition by two laps. She was born as a biological boy. She was raised as a biological boy.”

“Her cardiovascular system is bigger. Her respiratory system is bigger,” Jenner continued. “Her hands are bigger. She can swim faster. That’s a known. All of this is woke world that we’re living in right now is not working.”

In agreement with Jenner, nationally televised cardiothoracic surgeon and university professor Dr. Oz has spoken out about the issue.

Michael Phelps, who is the decorated Olympian of all time, expressed concerns about transgender swimmers competing against athletes with a different biological gender.

The female teammates of Lia have also spoken out in anger about the unfairness of the situation.