Chris Wallace’s Career Hits Another Bump – CNN Significantly Cuts His Screen Time

Disgrace ex-Fox News anchor Chris Wallace is set to host a new Sunday evening show on CNN called “Who’s Talking.”

The show initially aired on CNN’s failed online streaming service, which is now shut down after the platform didn’t draw significant interest. Now the show is shifting to television on Sundays and it will stream on HBO Max. stream on HBO Max earlier in the week.

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This indicates that CNN will likely not name Wallace the host of the 9 pm hour as Chris Cuomo’s replacement. CNN insiders previously suggested that Wallace was the favorite, but this may not be the case. This shift is a significant cut to Wallace’s screen time.

Wallace has become “woke” after 18 years with Fox News before abruptly leaving to join the left-wing outlet CNN.

The anti-Trump host has been harshly criticized by Fox News viewers on a number of occasions over his coverage. He celebrated the inauguration of Joe Biden by claiming he delivered “the best inaugural address” since John F. Kennedy’s “Ask not” speech in 1961. Wallace also once falsely accused Trump of “stoking racial divisions.”

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After joining CNN, Wallace is busy praising the Biden administration and, in particular, Biden’s White House press secretary Jen Psaki. Wallace says he is going to miss her behind the White House podium as she will likely accept a position at the liberal TV outlet MSNBC.

“Jen Psaki, thank you,” Wallace said. “We’re going to miss you behind the podium, and if you end up at a cable channel other than this one, I promise I will watch you,” he said.

Wallace also praised her for “restoring some much-needed civility to the White House briefing room.” This comment comes just six days after she said Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy “sounds like a stupid son of a b****.”

Wallace was immediately blasted on social media over the segment. Take a look:

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