Hulu Cancels ‘Rodham’ Series Based On Fictional Plot Where Hillary Clinton Is Elected President

A film series called “Rodham” about two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been canceled by Hulu mid-development.

It appears that Hulu is beginning to take clues from the failures of Netflix and others who are accused of “going woke” and “going broke.”

Hulu has reportedly already been wasting money on “Rodham” as it’s been in development for two years prior to being canceled. The series is based on a 2020 novel by Curtis Sittenfeld in which Hillary never married Bill Clinton and became president anyway.

This isn’t the first time that Hulu fawned over Clinton. They previously aired a documentary series about the former first lady called “Hillary.”

Hillary and the Democrats have been busy lately and spending lots of money to fight back in the investigation led by U.S. special counsel John Durham into the origins of the Russian collusion hoax against President Donald Trump.

The corrupt Clinton campaign is accused of paying operatives to dig up false information, which was then provided to the FBI in a false police report, that ultimately led to a warrant so the FBI could spy on the Trump campaign. They have also been keeping critical documents sealed by arguing attorney-client privilege.

Hillary for America, the DNC, and Perkins Coie argue that they paid Fusion GPS to provide “legal services.”

However, Durham argues that Fusion GPS didn’t simply provide legal services. Instead, the firm engaged in “out-and-out opposition research against the Trump campaign.”

The court agreed with Durham as he won a major legal battle.

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The judge presiding over the case against cybersecurity lawyer Michael Sussmann ruled that some Hillary Clinton-Fusion GPS documents must be revealed.

The court will receive 38 of 1,500 documents.

Reports say these documents contain “redacted communications between the Democratic National Committee, Hillary for America, the Fusion GPS research company, and Perkins Coie law firm.”

Here’s more about the “Rodham” series that Hulu’s canceled via Western Journal:

“‘Rodham’ — published in May 2020, and a New York Times bestseller — imagined an alternative universe in which Hillary Rodham Clinton met and dated Bill Clinton at Yale Law School, but never married him,” Variety noted.

“Instead of the life Clinton has actually led, in ‘Rodham,’ she goes on to thrive as a Northwestern University professor, and launches an eventual presidential run in 2016. Real-world events — such as rape accusations against Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump as a significant figure in politics — also play out in Sittenfeld’s novel, but in vastly altered ways.”

“Rodham” was the second novel Sittenfeld has written about a former first lady, although the first was a bit more stealthy about its subject: 2008’s “American Wife” revolved around a character named Alice Blackwell whose life bore a remarkable resemblance to that of Laura Bush.