DeSantis Says Biden Administration is Lying About COVID Vaccine Policy

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is accusing the Biden White House of lying to the American people about his state’s COVID-19 vaccine policy.

Joe Biden and the Democrats have supported emergency use authorization by the FDA to expand the COVID-19 vaccine for children 6 months through 5 five years old — the final group of Americans who had not yet been recommended to receive the vaccine.

DeSantis shot back at the White House that his state recommends against the policy.

The White House wrongfully claimed that Florida had reversed course and is allowing health care providers to order the mRNA vaccines for children under six months to 5-years of age. DeSantis says there’s no way his state is recommending that babies get jabbed.

“The White House is lying about it, surprise,” DeSantis said. “Not surprised the White House would lie, definitely not surprised that legacy media would amplify the lie, because that’s what they do.”

“The state of Florida, they came out with an article saying the state of Florida has not ordered, it’s Department of Health has not ordered mRNA jabs for the babies. Yes, we didn’t. We recommend against it,” DeSantis said.

“We are not going to have any programs where we’re trying to jab 6-month-old babies with mRNA,” he added. “That’s just the reality. I think what they thought would happen was that we’d be embarrassed about it.”

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters, “Even though Governor DeSantis reversed course and is now ordering vaccines, we will pull every lever to get pediatricians across Florida vaccines as quickly as possible.”

“This is an encouraging first step, and we urge the state to order vaccines for its state and local health departments, so that all Florida parents have the opportunity to get their children vaccinated,” she added.

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Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo said he disagreed with the FDA’s decision to administer COVID vaccines for kids under 5.

“That was always that, we still have not ordered it, we are not going to order it,” DeSantis continued.

“Now what they’re saying is because practitioners and hospitals can order it, somehow we’ve reversed. I said from the beginning that we’d be able to do that.”

“We don’t have the authority to prevent it, and quite frankly if someone wants to make a different decision, I would just caution people to look at the actual data in the clinical trial.”


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