BREAKING: Trump-Endorsed Tudor Dixon Wins Michigan GOP Gubernatorial Primary

Trump-endorsed Republican Tudor Dixon has won the Republican gubernatorial primary in Michigan, setting up the opportunity to take on incumbent Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in November.

Whitmer has faced significant criticism for her numerous poor decisions throughout the pandemic.

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Dixon won 42.5 percent of the vote at the time of this report. Her nearest challenger, Garrett Soldano, was trailing at 19.3 percent when the race was projected in Dixon’s favor.

If she takes office, Dixon says she is focused on using her manufacturing background to boost the state’s economy.

🚨 POLL: Is there a red wave coming?
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During an interview, she was asked how does intend to bring back manufacturing jobs to the U.S. and how does she plan to make Michigan really the gold standard for manufacturing as governor.

In response, Dixon explained, “We need to be friendly to the job creators and make sure that they feel that they have a friend in the government in Michigan, and that’s not happening right now.”

“Even if you talk to the automotive industry, which is our legacy industry here in the state of Michigan, they’re even looking outside of the state of Michigan when they’re building new factories,” she continued.

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Even if it’s going to be a U.S. factory, it’s not coming to the state of Michigan anymore. The reasoning behind that is that the regulatory system in Michigan is just so bloated and out of control.”

“They’ll tell me these are our largest industries, but even our smallest industries are telling me that if they wanna expand[…] the government will say, ‘You know, it’s gonna take a long time for us to get the permits. You might be able to break ground in eight months and then start making product within a year.'”

“Whereas our neighboring states, and some of our Southern states, are saying, ‘We’re gonna help streamline the process. We’re gonna come alongside you. We know you’re in a race in manufacturing, and we wanna make sure that our state is the place for you to be, and we’re gonna have you break ground right away.'”

“That’s not happening in Michigan,” Dixon concluded.

The upcoming race in November against Whitmer currently “leans democratic,” according to pollster.