With Memo, Some Believe Comey May Be Looking To..

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A former Director at the Department of Justice (DOJ), Matthew Miller, just weighed in on former FBI Director James Comey’s memo.

Miller suggests that Comey is specifically looking to target President Donald Trump on an obstruction of justice case.

Per the Daily Caller:

Matthew Miller, who served as the DOJ’s Director of the Office of Public Affairs under former Attorney General Eric Holder, suggested that Comey may have been building an obstruction of justice case against the president, in an interview with the Washington Post.

The former DOJ Director confirms the commonality for Comey to record conversations, but says Comey’s memo may have been written for something more specific:

While Miller said it is standard practice for an FBI director to record potentially inappropriate conversations and behavior, Comey could have taken a different approach when speaking with the president.

“I keep wondering, something in the back of my head keeps saying to me, maybe Comey was actually trying to build an obstruction-of-justice case against the president here,” Miller told WaPo.

Miller suggests perhaps Comey’s ego could be motivation behind the case against Trump:

Miller agreed with the president that Comey is a “showboat,” which is another reason he believes Comey may be coming after Trump.

“You just look at his [Comey’s] actions in the [Hillary] Clinton case, where he made himself the central player when there was no reason for him to be the central player,” Miller said. “That aside, his entire history shows that he likes to be at the center of attention.”

Miller also warns that Comey may be revealing more “damaging” evidence:

Miller claimed that its still unknown who leaked the Comey memo to The New York Times and admitted that it is unclear what the goal was.

“But if you were really looking to damage the president,” he added, “you wouldn’t leak the most damaging memo first. So who knows what comes next?”

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