A New Special Just Aired On The Trump Dossier, What It Revealed Has Stunned Everyone

A new documentary reveals Democrats were reportedly “peddling” some of the worst aspects of the Trump dossier to reports, according to The Daily Caller.

“People associated with the Democrats were peddling that story,” NBC’s Ken Dilanian said in the feature. He went on, saying, “there was really no way you could prove it.”

Dilanian’s comments were in reference to the story within the dossier that said some prostitutes had paid Trump a visit during a trip to Moscow in 2013.

Dilanian didn’t elaborate as to who specifically was pushing the information.

Here’s the clip:

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Marc Elias, who as general counsel for the campaign and DNC hired Fusion GPS, claims he did not brief reporters on the dossier.

“While he was certainly familiar with some, but not all, of the information in it, from the research that was being done, he didn’t have and hadn’t seen the full document, nor was he involved in pitching it to reporters,” a source close to Elias recently told CNN.

Glenn Simpson, the co-founder of Fusion GPS who directed the dossier project, has denied that he briefed reporters about the dossier. In an interview last month with the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Simpson said that he did not brief reporters about the dossier until this year.

It is known that Fusion GPS directed Steele to meet with reporters while he was working on the dossier.

Steele has revealed in court papers filed in London, where he lives and where he is being sued, that Fusion GPS directed him to meet reporters at various news outlets, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, The New Yorker, Yahoo! News and Mother Jones.