NYC Man Saves The Day By Capturing Person Responsible For Running Over…

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Yesterday, a driver in New York jumped a curb and hit nearly 20 pedestrians.

The driver, Richard Rojas, was apprehended when attempting to flee the scene by a bystander, Ken Bradix.

Per Daily Mail:

A fast-acting bystander helped police capture the out-of-control motorist accused of mowing down more than 20 pedestrians – and killing one – in Times Square in New York City on Thursday.

Ken Bradix, 47, was at his job as Door Host Supervisor of the area’s Planet Hollywood restaurant when¬†Richard Rojas mounted the curb.

Bradix quickly apprehended the fleeing suspect:

When the 26-year-old tried to flee the scene after crashing his car, Bradix got to him first – tackling him to the ground before others arrived to assist.

Several people were involved in arresting Rojas, who was believed to be high on drugs:

Bradix added: ‘There were three of us on him. He was face down still screaming.

‘So I was laying on top of him on the small of his back and the two other guys were holding down his arms until police could get there.’

When police arrived to arrest the crazed driver, who was believed to be high on synthetic marijuana, Bradix got off of him Рbut Rojas got into a fistfight with an cop as officers struggled to arrest him.

Bradix exemplifies New York values:

Bradix spent a couple of hours by himself before relaying to his coworkers what had happened. Many of them lauded him as a hero, but he doesn’t see his actions as being heroic in any way.

‘I think it’s just doing the right thing,’ he said.

‘I was helping the NYPD out and the victims whose families couldn’t be there. And I wasn’t the only person who helped.

‘I mean it’s nice to be appreciated, but you should always try to do the right thing because you never know when you’ll need help.’

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