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Lawrence Richard, who also goes by Larry, serves as the Editor of Lawrence is a graduate of Liberty University and has a passion for politics. He has authored over 3,500 articles, most of which have been published at during the past two years.

Andrew Mark Miller: Andrew Mark Miller is a Pasadena, CA-based writer with a B.A. in History from Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles. He has worked on several national and local political campaigns in three different states and most recently was a copywriter for a 2016 GOP presidential campaign. Andrew runs and is also a senior political writer at

Mary Kate Knorr: Mary is a writer and vlogger from Chicago. She’s a graduate of the University of Iowa, recovering political operative, and devout Catholic.

David Rufful: David is from Rhode Island and is a graduate of Dartmouth College. He is the founder of Young Conservatives LLC and VIP Ad Solutions LLC, both of which have partnered with in the past. VIP Ads assisted with online advertising while Young Conservatives assisted with web development. David personally writes for a number of high-profile political websites, including primarily offers journalism that reports and comments on current events. Readers are welcome to comment on these articles. fact-checks all published content to ensure accuracy and truth. The site makes corrections and accepts submissions from verified, 3rd party fact-checking companies. To submit a correction, please view our Corrections Policy.

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